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We were very pleased to be contacted by John Brierley about redesigning his website for Cargo Studios. Cargo recording studios were located in Rochdale during the 1970′s and 80′s. The studios attracted musicians and groups such as Joy Division, the Fall, OMD, DAF and many hundreds more from all parts of the UK and Europe.

Although the website is purely for historical interest, John needed to be able to keep the website updated himself with information and photos which are still sent to him from fans and bands. We updated the old website so that it displays on both full size and mobile screens, and attached a user friendly content management system so that John can easily keep the website updated.

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"I don’t think our web site was perhaps the easiest to work on as it involved updating an old web site to a modern standard, but Claire has done an amazing job and easily exceeded my expectations.

From my initial enquiry to the new site being put on line Claire has been pleasant and patient with me despite all the many queries and alterations that I bombarded her with.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else now and would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a really good website designer. Thank you Claire"

- John Brierley

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